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Chozen provides a unique experience in matching your skills, qualifications, and dreams to the perfect job. Through its Sense Logic Artificial Intelligence, Chozen will have enough information to share recommended talent to companies and vacancies to you the job seeker and allows you to see where you are in the process while searching for your next job, connecting you directly to your future workplace.

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How It Works

Chozen works its magic and seekers can immediately see job matches and companies can see candidates. What makes Chozen unique is that you no longer need to sort through hundreds of irrelevant jobs or candidates, play with filters and guess titles that fit you. You will only receive what is relevant for you and you will connect to them directly. Two way matching, in real time!

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Through Chozen’s SenseLogic AI we will share recommended talent to companies and the probability of finding you the best recommendations increases with the quality and quantity of the information that you share with us. We encourage you to keep your company profile active even though you might not have any open vacancies. Being active on Chozen means you will get loyalty offers and event invites. Adding new jobs is also very easy.

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